Funding your Graduate Education

As a graduate student at USC, you will have a variety of financial aid and financing options available to you. In most cases, these options will cover your cost of attendance.


The following is the estimated cost of the Online MS in Digital Media Management program.

Estimate of Costs:
Total Program Tuition*$56,496
Graduate Student Fees1$168


*Please note that all units are charged per semester. Tuition rates shown, currently $2,354 per unit, are for the 2024-2025 academic year, are set by the USC Board of Trustees and typically increase each year in the fall term. For the last 5 years, tuition has increased by an average of 4% annually.

1 Graduate Student Fees are charged per term and are comprised of a $20 Graduate Student Programming Fee and an $8 fee for the Norman Topping Student Aid Fund. Students enrolled in the two-year track will pay approximately $168 in Graduate Student Fees ($28 per semester x 6 semesters), shown above, whereas students enrolled in the one-year track will pay $84 over the course of their program. Graduate Student Fees are subject to change.

In addition to tuition, there is an estimated $150 cost per course for digital course materials. This includes the cost of any texts, case studies and/or articles needed.

Federal Financial Aid

For those who are eligible, Federal Student Loan programs are available to cover the entire cost of the program including tuition, fees and program materials.

In order to begin the Financial Aid process, you may complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

USC Federal School Code: 001328

You may submit your FAFSA prior to completing your program application. However, in order to apply for Financial Aid at USC, you will need to receive a USC ID. You will receive a USC ID once your program application has been submitted.

Once you have completed your FAFSA and applied for Financial Aid at USC, the USC Financial Aid Office will determine your financial need and will explain what federal loans you are eligible to receive. For more information about financial aid at USC, please visit the USC Financial Aid Office (FAO) website.

Additional Funding Options

Private Loans and USC Payment Plan

In addition to Federal Financial Aid, USC participates in a variety of private loan programs for students and USC Payment Plans are available for eligible students.

Employer-Sponsored Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers offer tuition assistance to employees pursuing advanced degrees in their current fields. Check with your company’s human resources department for more information.

Scholarships and Awards

Thanks to the support of generous donors, USC Annenberg is able to offer a diverse array of student aid. Applicants must be currently enrolled in a USC Annenberg degree program to be eligible for an award. Some awards are available year-round, while others are awarded annually. Please see this link for more information on student aid offered through USC Annenberg. Additional financial and support resources may be available through USC organizations and external groups.

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