Meet our MS in Digital Media Management Ambassadors

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The Ambassador Program is designed to allow prospective students to connect with graduates of the online Master of Science in Digital Media Management program. Our alumni Ambassadors are proud Trojans who excelled in their studies and have volunteered for the opportunity to speak with prospective students about their unique experience at USC.

After reviewing our Ambassadors’ profiles, if you would like to request to speak with an Ambassador, please click the “Request to Connect” button and fill out the form. Please be mindful of the ambassadors’ time, and request to connect only if you are ready to speak with them in the coming week(s). Please note that depending on the nature of your questions, your admissions advisor may reach out to you first.

Our Ambassadors can speak directly about their experiences in the program. If you have questions about admission to USC Annenberg or the application process, please contact our Admissions team directly here, or by calling 855-887-2366.

Terrell M. Green ’23

TerrellGreen MSDMM AmbassadorTrack: 1-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Digital Advertising & Marketing

Job Title: Project Manager

“The MSDMM program was instrumental in catapulting my career switch into a more meaningful path in digital marketing and advertising. In my role as Project Manager, I use the methodology learned while enrolled in the MSDMM program on a daily basis. The program elevated my leadership abilities, prepared me to be agile at any organization, and provided me with a practical education!”

Alexis Hallahan ‘23

AlexisHallahan MSDMM AmbassadorTrack: 1-Year

Location: San Diego, CA

Industry: Design and Construction

Job Title: Operations Manager

“This program was an excellent introduction into everything that has to do with creating, managing, directing, and leading digital content. I took a professional pause when I had kids, and it was amazing to feel “caught up” within a month. I was able to apply my newfound skillsets immediately and it resulted in a 35% ROI for my company within the first six months.”

Mark Pontrelli ‘23

MPTrack: 2-Year

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Industry: Creative Direction & Production

Job Title: Director, Content & Communications Production

“The USC Master of Science in Digital Media Management significantly sharpened my creative and leadership skills for the digital world. It has equipped me with vital practical and ethical knowledge, enhancing my adaptability and expertise for immediate impact in the dynamic field of digital media management.”

Ariel Nuño ‘23

Ariel Nuno Headshot WebsiteTrack: 2-Year

Location: Torrance, CA

Industry: Digital Rights Management

Job Title: Director, Digital Rights Management

“The MSDMM program gave me the professional background in digital media business that I was missing and better equipped me for leading diverse teams of remote workers, who are globally dispersed. In the fast-paced, ever-changing world of digital media, this investment in my continued education has paved the way for future successes in my career as an industry leader.”