Get to Know Our Students | Crystal Saldana

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Crystal Saldana is already seeing the benefit of the MSDMM program on the boutique creative agency she’s running out of Lima, Peru. “The DMM program has really given me the opportunity to reshape my mental instruments to observe the digital world in a tactical way rather than just a creative one. It has helped me navigate all my client strategies on a more analytical level rather than just a [visual] one and has allowed for more partnership opportunities for both the client and myself.”

The Dallas, Texas native has also lived in Los Angeles and Chicago, but after spending time in Lima recently for R&D, she started planting roots to capitalize on the Latin American market. “I’m excited to see geographical borders becoming more and more invisible, especially now that I’m submerged in a different market. I see myself helping clients strategically utilize digital tools and weave them in with their creative productions to hopefully see progress within these marginalized regions.”


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