Graduate Spotlight: Mark Pontrelli’s Journey to Digital Media Mastery

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“The USC Master of Science in Digital Media Management significantly sharpened my creative and leadership skills for the digital world. It has equipped me with vital practical and ethical knowledge, enhancing my adaptability and expertise for immediate impact in the dynamic field of digital media management.”

Mark Pontrelli is a storyteller at heart who currently serves as the Director of Content and Communications Production at Wella Company. After getting his B.A. in Cinema and Television Arts with Emphasis in Film, Mark worked in a variety of roles augmenting his skills in digital content creation, strategy and audience engagement. This past Friday, May 10, Mark graduated with an MS in Digital Media Management alongside a close-knit cohort of graduates all looking to further cement their footing in the digital media landscape. As both a graduate and an ambassador of the DMM program, we spoke to Mark about his journey.

Mark Pontrelli Commencement

Photo courtesy of Mark Pontrelli

What was your overall experience like in the MSDMM program?

My overall experience was very positive. It was hard work, but I am so glad I made the choice. I am a stronger leader and employee with digital media mastery because of my experience in the DMM program.

What was your experience like with the faculty in your program?

I had a very positive experience with the faculty within the DMM Program. Like many other aspects within the program that seemed well-thought through and top notch, USC hand-picked our professors for their professional experience and ability to teach.        I often felt inspired by my professors.

How would you describe the live sessions? (i.e. the experience or interaction with faculty or classmates.)

Although the live sessions were virtual, they were captivating and extremely practical and convenient. Considering how prevalent virtual collaboration has become, adjusting to a remote classroom was not difficult. Additionally, faculty and classmates were all well versed to participate effectively.

Mark Pontrelli Commencement 2

Photo courtesy of Mark Pontrelli

What do you consider a strength (or strengths) of the program?

A key strength of the program is its emphasis on developing leadership abilities, empowering students with the skills to lead innovative teams and drive digital media initiatives effectively.

Have you experienced a sense of community—within your program or with USC in general?

Although I won’t meet my fellow classmates until graduation, I did feel a strong sense of community with them. We shared a private chat to review assignments, clarify questions and the occasional anecdote or meme. We continue to follow each other’s careers on LinkedIn and champion our professional efforts. Fight On!

How has the DMM program played a part in your current role? Has it provided career advancement?

Having just completed the program, I am using the skills I learned to potentially broaden the scope of my work. I look forward to showcasing the skills I have gained further. There is an appreciation that I have leveled up.

What would you say to someone considering this program?

If you’re considering this program, expect a transformative experience that will equip you with cutting-edge skills and insights for a thriving career in digital media management.

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