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DMM Student BrettChristie

“This program is not only expanding my knowledge of the entire digital media landscape and all of its possibilities, but it’s making me cognizant of current inequities that exist in accessing digital media. I’m confident I’ll be better prepared to address these inequities within my current and future organizations thanks to the learnings from this program.”

Brett Christie is a digital content senior specialist at WorldatWork, a non-profit HR association. He currently resides in Phoenix, but is originally from St. Joseph, Missouri, a small town outside of Kansas City. He’s been working in print and digital media for the last 10 years.

“I’m very bullish on the future of digital media and the possibilities with streaming and accessing high-quality content from anywhere in the world. I want to lead teams and eventually a digital media organization that will be at the forefront of content creation in this burgeoning landscape.”


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