Stylés Akira

Styles Akira

Stylés Akira is a trained social scientist and critical theorist with professional experience involving strategic client work on projects for organizations including Google, Samsung, Pepsi, Intel, Overwatch League, Bacardi/Grey Goose, Darden, McKinsey, Coke, Barefoot Wines, Walmart and General Motors. He is a veteran of the entertainment industry and worked for over a decade at firms in New York City and Los Angeles. Using this experience, he launched a full-service marketing startup called The Annie Agency, where he engaged in a groundbreaking approach to market strategy underscored by the principles of Positive Deviance.

Akira received his MA and PhD in communication from USC Annenberg, where he refined his expertise in disciplines including strategic branding and marketing, advertising, mass media effects, semiotics and behavioral economics. His dissertation work, titled “Project Designer ID: Brands, T-shirts, & the Communication of Identity” and accompanying documentary film, explores the use of T-shirt design as a medium of mass communication in the signaling of social identity and the perceived positioning of brand values.

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