Ken Sterling

KenSterling MSDMMFaculty

Ken Sterling is a seasoned attorney, tech entrepreneur, talent agent, and Executive Vice President at BigSpeak Talent. In this role, he passionately advocates for artists, creators, and influencers, ensuring they have prominent platforms and rewarding engagements. Sterling also partners with Fortune 1000 clients and provides specialized programs and effective leadership development.

His robust career journey involves a diverse array of roles and accomplishments. Sterling worked as a technology and management consultant with KPMG and played integral roles in cofounding a cloud computing company and as a co-founder of a socially-conscious bank. As part of a boutique asset management firm, he was entrusted with the Executive Vice President role, overseeing a team and real estate portfolio exceeding $300 million. In addition to his corporate roles, Sterling has a robust presence in academia and media. His thought leadership extends to various academic and business publications with contributions in the areas of marketing, technology, communication, ethics, and leadership.

Sterling holds a BA in communication and applied psychology from the University of California, an MBA in marketing and leadership from Babson College, an MA from the USC Annenberg School, and a PhD in organizational leadership from the University of California.

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