Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson

Jeffrey Thompson is an established executive in the media and technology sectors with a wealth of experience leading operational, marketing, and strategic initiatives for organizations such as The Walt Disney Company, IBM, and Conde Nast Entertainment. His work with VC-funded startups Shout Factory, RNN TV, and Parrot Analytics focused on disrupting current business models by advancing content distribution, social platforms, streaming content, and content monetization. In addition, Thompson has the distinction of serving as The Walt Disney Company’s first executive responsible for diversity and inclusion across the world in his role as VP of Global Diversity.

Thompson has presented at Mobile World Congress, BBC’s World Showcase, Digital Hollywood, and Consumer Electronics Show and has also been credited with producing creative content across television, digital, and documentary categories. He recently produced two films, SCRUM (2021) and Let My People Vote (2018). Further, Thompson serves on the Board of Advisors for Digital Hollywood and YDX Innovation and previously served as task force chair of Digital Entertainment Group. He also serves as Chairman of the Board of Directors of National Health Foundation and is appointed Commissioner on the Los Angeles County Workforce Development Board.

He received his BS in business with an emphasis in managerial economics and his MBA from USC’s Marshall School of Business.

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