Dana Strokovsky

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Dana Strokovsky is an accomplished marketing executive with expertise in digital and social media strategies, brand positioning, content creation and storytelling, as well as deriving actionable insights for innovative business solutions. Her skill in fusing a distinguished journalism background with digital media acumen has been instrumental in achieving successful marketing integrations and driving brand affinity across the industry’s evolving digital landscape. Entering the entrepreneurship phase of her career as the Founder and CEO of CLUB 66 and The Brillares, Strokovsky has created a community that cultivates innovative partnerships and promotes holistic wellness and empowerment embedded within the Los Angeles culture. In prior roles, Strokovsky built numerous marketing teams for several prominent companies in corporate America, including oversight of brand, content, and communications at TaskRabbit; global social media marketing and community at Etsy; and digital content at FanDuel. Additionally, she helped spearhead groundbreaking marketing campaigns at renowned brands such as Apple, launching their Apple Card and News+ initiatives; creating a North American Social Center for Coca-Cola and contributing as a subject matter expert for the Rio 2016 Olympics; as well as leading multi-million dollar campaigns for McDonalds and the Campbell Soup Company.

Strokovsky earned a BA in marketing and graphic design from the University of Miami. She has been recognized as a featured speaker at several industry forums and received accolades for her work, including Brand Marketers’ 40 under 40 award.

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